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What is the Cheapest Type of Sheet Metal & What is it Used For?

There are many different types of sheet metal available on the market, some more expensive than others. When choosing the best, most affordable sheet metal in Canada for your application it’s always best to go over all of your options, which is why the team from Heather & Little has collected some insightful information for you here!

Aluminum Sheet Metal

Arguably the cheapest sheet metal available, aluminum sheet metal is so affordable because it’s softer and more malleable than other materials, making it ideal for small-batch manufacturing or prototyping purposes. It’s often used to make everything from roofing components to soda cans and is strong and durable.

Galvanized Steel Sheet Metal

There are two common types of galvanized steel sheet metals that are both unique but incredibly durable and resistant to more extreme environments. Hot-dipped metallic sheet metal is coated with zinc to increase its strength and pre-heated with a hot-dipped metallic process. There is also electro-galvanized sheet metal, which is on the more expensive side but ideal for mechanical applications because of its pure zinc coating and electroplating process during manufacturing. Both are often used for things like creating handrails, bolts, canopies, and more.

Mild Steel Sheets

This type of sheet metal is more affordable than other alternatives because it’s easy to manufacture and incredibly versatile. It’s most often used for applications in the construction and automotive industry, to create durable yet affordable components.

Copper Sheet Metal

Copper sheet metal is on the more expensive side, but offers strength and durability not found in other alternatives. Additionally, over time, copper sheet metal develops a unique green-blue patina that creates a one-of-a-kind look, therefore it’s often used for more historic buildings to create ornamental sheet metal designs.

Different Uses of Sheet Metal

As mentioned above, there are a variety of uses for sheet metal. Some of the most popular components manufactured with sheet metal include:

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