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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques

Sheet metal fabrication is becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of industries in the USA and Canada. If you are considering embracing this method of building or repairing parts, there are 4 main techniques that metal fabrication companies should specialize in. We highlight a few important facts about them below. 1. Soldering  Soldering is […]
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The Meaning Behind the Lady of Justice Statue

Artwork depicting the Lady of Justice statue, whether in the form of paintings, sculptures, coats of arms or metal statues, is found throughout the world. If you’re in North or South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southern and Eastern Asia, and Australasia, you will likely see the Lady of Justice statue in courthouses, law […]
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Heather & Little Included in an article published in Period Homes Magazine

Metal Roofing Sheet lead and copper have been soldered into flat-seam roofs for centuries—long before Thomas Jefferson’s 1740s roof at Monticello—but the more common metal roof type is the standing seam. Here, long panels of metal 24” or so wide are first bent up about 1 ¼” along both edges. “These panels can be roll-formed […]
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When to Replace a Roof on a Historic Building

They don't make buildings like they used to. While this is a phrase that implies durability and longevity for buildings made in previous eras, this does not mean that a historic building will last forever, at least not without the proper upkeep. When it comes to its sustainability, one of the most important parts of […]
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5 Heritage Building Restoration Challenges

The historical and cultural significance of a heritage building is huge. As time passes and outside factors affect the building, however, it will wear down. In this case, a heritage building restoration is your best option. However, restoring a heritage building isn't as simple as putting a fresh coat of paint on the outside. You […]
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Historic Roof Restoration Materials

The amount of wear and tear that a building experiences over time often leaves certain parts deteriorated beyond repair. As such, properly completing most historic building restorations will require replacing some old building parts with new ones, and making sure the old and the new blend seamlessly. To ensure that the restoration is performed accurately, you need to use very specific […]
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How to Choose High-Quality Asphalt Roof Shingles

A new asphalt shingle roof is a significant investment. To get the most bang for the buck, you’ll want to consider the quality of shingles, the knowledge and skill level of the roofers you intend to hire, and also a few preventative maintenance guidelines. When high-quality asphalt roof shingles are correctly installed and well maintained, […]
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Slate Roof Maintenance Tips

There are huge benefits to installing slate roofs, including their beautiful appearance, the fact that they can last a century if they are well-maintained, fire resistance, and environmentally friendly aspects. However, in order to get the full effect of these benefits, homeowners need to understand slate roof maintenance needs. In some ways maintenance is the same […]
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A History of Metal Victorian Roof Shingles & Sheet Metal Tiles

Metal Victorian Roofs and the Victorian style building dominated architectural design between the 1830s and 1910s. Although the buildings of this 80-year period shared many similarities, there were also noticeable differences between Victorian era buildings constructed at different times. The most popular materials used for Victorian metal roof shingles also changed several times during the […]
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What is a Cupola and How Are They Fabricated?

Today, cupolas are seen on many older buildings and in some new construction as a stylistic element with limited functionality. If you have ever asked yourself "what is a cupola?" you may be interested to know that the cupola was designed for several different functional purposes before it became the embellishment that it is in […]
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