Landmark & Historical Building Restoration Services

At Heather & Little we provide you with a number of heritage building restoration services to ensure that your property stays in pristine condition for years to come. Depending on the existing condition we can restore, repair, or reproduce the decorative sheet metal components of your building. Our vast building restoration services for landmark buildings restoration, as well as many other heritage restoration tasks.

Physical damage or deteriorated elements on a heritage or landmarked building can lead to more expensive repairs, and it is incredibly important, we can ensure your property is preserved back to it’s original state.

Heather & Little’s Landmark Building Restoration

With over 90 years in the industry, our team of skilled people specialize in sheet metal architecture and more. We’re the ideal team for your architectural sheet metal restoration project, and will ensure your heritage property stays beautiful. For more information on our preservation work, take a look at the gallery below or contact a member of our team today!


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N1Copper Work Chateau Laurier, Ottawa

This project required the reproduction of copper dormers, turrets, finials, and decorative copper crestings all returned to their original state


N2Copper Work Toronto Old City Hall

Heather & Little's services included the reproduction of the decorative sheet metal elements including, copper finials, cornice, and gargoyles.


N3Copper Work Supreme Court of Canada

Exterior restoration including a new copper roof and decorative copper finials, dormers, turrets, and metal cornice work.