Residential One of a Kind & Ornamental Sheet Metal Fabrications

At Heather & Little we work one-on-one with homeowners, designers and contractors to help them create the unique metal fabrications they’re looking for. We’re proud to offer a range of services when it comes to custom residential projects, including the fabrication of decorative metal cornice, metal gutters, copper finials, decorative sheet metal roof cresting. When you have a design idea in your mind that would be a perfect match for your project, we can help you to turn your idea into reality.


Heather & Little offers residential homes and historical homes a large range of architectural sheet metal components in copper, zinc, steel, sheet metal shingles, sheet metal Spanish tiles. Designers, contractors and homeowners have relied on us for a wide variety of custom residential sheet metal products for homes, cottages, and estates such as:

  • Stamped and decorative sheet metal
  • Custom Gutters & Leaderheads
  • Zinc and copper countertops
  • Copper sheet metal gates
  • Sheet metal balustrades
  • Sheet Metal Capitals
  • Metal cornice work

 Specialty Decorative Roof Accessories

  • Historic sheet metal shingles
  • Decorative roof cresting
  • Decorative metal roof finials
  • Sheet metal Spanish roof tiles
  • Stamped sheet metal roof tiles
  • Crimped copper sheet metal
  • Crimped galvanized steel sheets

Copper Doors, Finials, Weathervanes, and More

Heather and Little enjoy creating truly one-of-a kind custom projects. We have been engaged by home owners, designers and contractors for what may seem an unusual projects for estates and homes including copper garage doors , stamped- and decorative-sheet metal roof tiles and copper sheet metal gates.

At Heather & Little we look forward to assisting you on your residential project to incorporate any architectural sheet metal element for your property. Be it a copper kalamein window or metal capitals, our artisans will craft the custom piece you have always dreamed of.

Have a special sheet metal project in mind? Contact a member of our team to learn more about our residential services to help get you started!


custom copper sawtooth garage doors wovoka
custom copper gate wovoka
copper cresting historic home
zinc kitchen hood
custom lead coated copper cornice
custom copper stove hood
custom copper leaderhead
custom sheet metal chimney stack
sheet metal sculpture of horse
Restored sheet metal sculpture of horses head


N1Copper Kalamein Garage Doors

Wood core kalamein doors cladded with 20-ounce copper and diagonally cut copper bar to compliment the copper roof pattern. H&L won a North American Copper in Architecture Award for this project.

N2Reproduction of Finials & Roof Cresting

A unique request from a St. Louis homeowner to recreate copper finials, cresting, urns and ornaments from some old photos found.

N3Custom Copper Gates

Custom copper gates fabricated for a mountain residence in Nevada