Library of Parliament Ottawa – Historic-Copper Roof Replacement

The National Library of Canada or Library of Parliament in Ottawa is one of the capital’s most prominent buildings, designed in the high Victorian gothic revival architecture. Opened in 1876, this building is known for its unique round shape that houses multiple galleries and over 600,000 items. Since its opening over a century ago, fire has always posed a serious threat to the structure; in 1916 and 1952, the library faced extensive damage as the result of multiple fires.

When the National Library required new copper roofing, through a competitive tendering process Heather & Little won the bid for this project and proud to take on this exciting project which took over four years to complete.

Copper Roof Replacement

Heather & Little paired with Thomas Fuller Construction of Ottawa to help complete this historic restoration project. The National Library required a complete removal of the original roof, and reinstallation of new metal roof step by step which included:

  • New steel roof decking, an air vapour barrier membrane, and insulation
  • Batten seam copper roofing, lead roofing, monel sheet metal, and lead-coated copper roofing
  • Reproduction of ornamental copper finials
  • Stainless steel rainwater drainage system
  • Plate bronze snow arrest systems
  • Kalamein windows clad with monel sheet metal

For this project multiple metal types of the highest quality materials were used to ensure durability and longevity for all sections of the roof. Sheet metal materials included sheet lead, Monel metal, lead coated copper, bare copper and stainless steel. This project was not only a great success, but it was awarded with a North American Copper in Architecture Award (NACIA).

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To learn more about the National Library project, take a look at the images below.


library of parliment ottawa
copper batten roofing national library
copper roofing national library