Sheet Metal Roof Installation

Sheet metal roofs are known for their durability, beauty, and inclusion of historical design elements. Sheet metal roof styles became very popular in the late 1800s, and many beautiful examples of these roofing systems still exist on historical and significant buildings today. For many homeowners and property managers it’s important that these design elements stay with the buildings as they continue to age.

Heather & Little has been Canada’s premiere choice for sheet metal roofing for more than 90 years. Metal roofing installation is a complex task, and every step of the metal roof creation and installation should be handled by experienced professionals. Our team has the knowledge and training necessary to complete all types of sheet metal roof production and installation services properly, ensuring your metal roof performs well for many years to come.

Sheet Metal Roofing Options

Stainless steel, zinc and copper roof styles appear on historic or significant buildings, and can require a great deal of care and attention to maintain their original beauty. Many sheet metal and copper roofing projects our team handles require metal sheets or tiles to be custom designed to match an existing style.

Heather & Little’s craftsmen have years of experience in reproducing historic metal roof tile profiles using a combination of traditional and modern techniques to achieve a historically accurate and seamless match. Your metal roofing system can be produced using one of our many custom sheet metal fabrications, including decorative metal shingles, steel metal roof tiles, custom stamped metal tiles, or other unique sheet metal elements.

As industry leading professionals, we have a long history of offering outstanding customer service and providing clients with beautiful, long-lasting and high quality metal roof installations. Our team has had the privilege of restoring and replacing some of the most well-known historical metal roofs in Canada, including parliament buildings, old city halls and more. Get in touch with one of our team members to get started on your metal roofing installation project today.

Our Work: West Block of the Canadian Parliament, Ottawa


Heather and Little just entered into our fourth year replacing the sheet copper roofing of the West Block of Parliament Hill scheduled for completion in 2017.


metal roof langevin block parliament
metal roof langevin block parliament midshot
copper roof detail west block parliament
copper roof in progress west block parliament


N1Mackenzie Tower, Parliament Hill

Part of the West Block, all of the tower areas were restored including the masonry structure, which involved extensive sheet copper roofing work, metal roofing, kalamein windows, lead roofing and custom carpentry.


N2Centre Block South Facade, Parliament Hill.

The old copper roofing system was removed and a new building envelope was installed, as well as an air barrier membrane, insulation and a batten seam copper roofing system. The new sheet metal roofing system was fully installed, and will now be seen on the Parliament Building’s roof for years to come.


N3Chateau Laurier, Ottawa

The roofing was replaced with 16-ounce standing seam copper roofing with 20-ounce copper valleys and copper water tables, an air vapour barrier system was introduced, along with snow restraint systems, copper air intake louvers, and decorative copper elements were also reproduced.