The Investment Building, D.C. – Metal Clad Windows & Doors

The Investment Building in Washington, D.C. is unique in that it is partially made up of elements from an older building with the same name. This original building was designed in 1910 by Jules Henri de Sibour, and was eventually completed in 1924. At one point, part of the building was demolished, but its façade remained. Using the preserved façade and starting in 1999, a new building was constructed and two floors added to ensure this historic landmark would stand for years to come.

Part of the restoration process included the recreation of many metal clad windows that would become part of the façade. Kalamein windows were often used by designers to integrate windows seamlessly into the ornate trim features made using the same metal.

Kalamein Window Reproduction Project

Working together with a Niko Contracting, Heather & Little furnished new and replicated pressed decorative copper for this historic building in downtown Washington. Our craftsmen created more than 70 new kalamein windows featuring a wood core clad in 16-ounce sheet copper. Additionally, we used sheet copper to create the cornice detail and intricate stampings adorning the window frames.

For more information on Heather & Little’s kalamein window project for The Investment Building in Washington D.C., contact us today, or browse the images below:


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