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Close to a century in the making, Heather & Little is a North American leader in superior quality preservation of both historical and modern architecture and ornamentation and the restoration of heritage structures. Our custom metal fabrication services are simply incomparable. Historic designs or innovative new creations, we can reproduce, replicate or renovate any style of roofs, walls, doors and windows with our heritage restoration services. 

Spotlight on Crimped Sheet Metal

Simply put, Crimped Sheet Metal is sheet metal, usually a soft metal like copper, that has been crimped to create a corrugated profile. Historically, crimping wasn't just for appearance, it also made sheet metal like copper stronger. This allowed a lighter material to be used. Typically modern crimped copper doesn’t have the same profile or pattern repeat as a historic crimp, making replication a challenge. H&L are capable of producing the full-size sheets needed for your historic restoration. This is just one example of our decorative stamped and fabricated sheet metal options.

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Since 1925, historic building preservation and heritage restoration services have been at the core of our services at Heather & Little. Our skilled craftspeople have earned a reputation for uncompromising quality in preserving and restoring iconic landmark buildings.

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