Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication & Monument Restoration Consultation

Here at Heather & Little, we are deeply engaged by the design, restoration and preservation of unique historic and original buildings and monuments.

Our specialty is in unravelling particularly tangled situations. Some see obstacles — we see opportunity. Each project brings its own particular demands and quirks, and while we always hope that we will be a full partner in the process, sometimes we find that contractors, architects or owners need another perspective before diving in. That’s why we offer in-depth consultation as one of our service offerings. We bring a fresh eye and craft-driven expertise to complex challenges and have significantly aided the success of many projects.

An H&L consultation involves a thorough onsite inspection, allowing us to provide professional recommendations such as whether repair work or complete replacement is required, design-assist advice on materials or the creation of specifications. Alternatively, we will work with your inspection report, or help provide recommendations for a third-party inspection, with the same aim. Additionally, we can also provide feasibility studies and end-to-end solutions tailored to your project's needs.

Our Consultation Process

Although every project is unique, we use a tried and true consultation process for custom sheet metal fabrication and monument restoration. Initially, we will have a discovery meeting with you to understand your vision and project parameters. We will then review all available information. Once we are familiar with the project, we (or a third party) will perform the on-site inspection, and we’ll study the results.

From there, we will develop project requirements into a detailed report including scope of work as well as recommended actions and design. We will work closely with your team to advise on specifications based on collective research. Finally, we will work with you to determine a budget, potentially including our own ongoing involvement in the project.

Our Inspection Process

If you choose Heather & Little for your project’s inspection, then you can expect the following from our inspection service:

Case Study Example:

Torch of the Statue of Liberty

At the outset, this project was very cloak and dagger– several weeks of telephone consultation went by before Rambusch Lighting was prepared to disclose that the job involved moving the original 1885 torch of the Statue of Liberty. After the torch was replaced in 1986, it had been housed in a small museum at the base of the statue. Now the fragile 3600 pound torch was to be moved to a new museum. The consultation and input H&L provided to this historic project is an excellent illustration of our process and how we can deliver expertise and a fresh perspective on key deliverables. Executive Vice President Mike Papania made an onsite inspection to determine the best plan of attack for dismantling and rebuilding the torch.

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