Roofs, Walls & Ceilings

A roof or large architectural wall panel is often the first thing that observers use to judge the quality of a building—so make sure yours makes a good first impression.

In addition to keeping out the elements, a properly installed roof adds stability to a structure. For historic buildings, a roof imparts one of the most recognizable elements in establishing its architectural character. But no matter how beautiful the style, without diligent roof maintenance and care, a damaged roof will permit the accelerated deterioration of historic building materials and structure. Repairing a damaged roof should always be a priority because as damage escalates, so will costs, and repair can escalate to replacement. We can also produce flashing, downspouts, and other roof accessories. Heather & Little can help whatever the need, for commercial, industrial, institutional, public structures or private estates.

Sheet Metal Roofs

Starting in the 19th century, metal roofing became increasingly popular in North America. The invention of galvanized sheet metal in the 1830s revolutionized the use of metal because it protected it from corrosion. Heather & Little specialize in the fabrication, and installation of sheet metal roofs, including Standing Seam, Flat (or soldered seam), and Batten seam roofs in galvanized steel, zinc, tin plate and of course, copper. We’ve worked on some of the most prestigious public buildings in North America, as well as custom luxury homes.

Lead Roofs

Prior to the 19th century, lead was the other metal in addition to copper, to be commonly used in roofing. Popular for its versatility and malleability, Heather & Little is an expert in the repair and fabrication of lead roofing, including lead shingles, in addition to walls, protective flashing or drainage pipes.

Sheet Metal Shingles

All metal roofs are extremely durable, and metal roof shingles offer enormous esthetic diversity. When metal shingles came on the scene, they offered a fireproof and long-lasting alternative to wooden shingles, and were enthusiastically embraced by Victorians. Heather & Little expertly fabricate a wide range of heritage shingles; if there’s a metal shingle design you need chances are we make it—and if we don’t, we can create a custom metal shingle.

Sheet Metal Tiles

Heather & Little fabricate a variety of metal tiles that marry the style of classic terra cotta tiles such as Spanish Tiles, with a lighter weight and more economical solution. While copper is a popular choice for its beauty and developing patina, we also work with galvanized sheet metal and pre-finished steel .

Cedar Roofs

Cedar shakes and tiles are an iconic, long lasting, and sustainable roofing solution. Shakes are ideal for up-scale neighborhoods or historical homes. Heather & Little provide expert installation and maintenance of cedar roofs in Canada.

Slate Roofs

Settlers brought the practice of using slate as a roofing material to North America, because of its durability, fireproof qualities, and aesthetic potential. H&L apply their attention to detail to expertly install slate roofing for Canadian clients.

Sheet Metal Walls & Ceilings

Architectural Metal wall panels offer an elegant and durable option for enhancing the design and aesthetic of a building. Heather & Little can fabricate and install metal wall panels to suit a variety of applications: high rises, commercial, industrial, and educational buildings, multifamily structures and even contemporary upscale single-family homes.

Custom Gutter & Downpipe

Once you've invested in a spectacular roof, you'll want to finish the job with a custom-crafted rain management solution. H&L will design the ideal configuration to maintain a water-tight envelope, then fabricate and install elegant gutters and downspouts using a variety of metals including copper. Downspouts, also know as leaders can be simple or embellished to match your home's aesthetic. 

Trumbull Court House, Warren, Ohio
Sheet Metal Tiles

Heather & Little reproduced the original Spanish-style decorative sheet metal tiles that once adorned the building’s roof using 20-ounce copper. We also created finials, conical cupola roofing tiles, and all the ridge, hip and valley tiles that were required to complete this project which was ready in time for the 100 year celebration of the historic building.

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Château Laurier, Ottawa, Ontario
Copper Sheet Metal Roofing

When Heather & Little began this project, it had been over 30 years since the roof had last been worked on, and it was in need of extensive repair. Over the course of the next six years the roof was almost completely replaced. All of the original decorative copper was removed from the building before any restorative work could take place. New copper dormers, cornice. finials, copper cresting were reproduced to ensure a perfect aesthetic design.

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Preservation Consulting

And if you are looking for a second opinion on your project or have a particularly complex issue that needs a fresh eye, we’re here for that too. Tackling tricky challenges is our specialty and we welcome the opportunity to provide consulting advice, with the same exacting attention to detail we bring to all our commissions.
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