4 Famous Buildings with Elegant Copper Roofing

Although a traditional roofing material, copper roofing is set to be extremely trendy throughout 2020, causing buyers across the USA and Canada to really stand up and take notice. Looking for inspiration before you go in search of copper sheet metal suppliers? Below is a list of four of the most famous buildings that boast elegant copper roofing. 

1. Belvedere Palace in Vienna 

This magnificent palace is made all the more unique due to its eye-catching green copper roof. The history books claim that the goal of the architect was to create a roof that closely resembled the tents of the Ottoman army. 

2. Minneapolis City Hall in the USA

Originally constructed in the 1800s, this building is said to boast the heaviest and largest roof in the USA! It is said to weigh over 180,000 lbs. Did you know that it was originally a more neutral colour other than green? The bright hue for which it is now famous is a side effect of its age! 

3. The Rotunda at the University of Virginia in the USA 

This gorgeous structure was designed by Thomas Jefferson. It is said to represent the power of reason and the authority of nature. The domed roof is arguably the building’s most notable feature and is said to be 77 ft in size. 

4. The Berlin Cathedral Church in Germany 

This beautiful church is the largest and most popular in the city of Berlin, and is instantly recognizable thanks to its copper roof. As is the case with many ancient buildings boasting a copper roof, it has returned to its green hue after years of natural oxidation. 

Ultimately, when it comes to roofing that is stunning, eco-efficient, and effortless to maintain, you simply cannot go wrong with copper. 

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