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Everything You Need to Know About Galvanized Steel Sheet Metal

Galvanized sheet metal is a type of steel that's gone through a chemical process to coat it with a layer of zinc oxide. As a result, galvanized steel won't get rusty as easily as regular steel. The coating also gives the steel a more durable finish. Because of this, galvanized sheet metal is one of the most commonly used types of sheet metal in the manufacturing industry.

If you're thinking about using galvanized steel sheet metal in your construction project or your existing structure has galvanized steel elements in need of maintenance or restoration, then there are a few things that you're going to want to know about galvanized steel in general.

What is Galvanized Sheet Metal Used For?

Because of its anti-corrosive properties, galvanized sheet metal is often used for outdoor applications such as fences, roofs, gutters, and garage doors. It is also often used in the construction of storage sheds and other types of buildings due to its durability.

Some people also use galvanized steel sheet metal for artistic purposes. This material can be cut and bent into all sorts of shapes. Some artists use it to create sculptures while others use it to make jewelry or other decorative items.

How is Galvanized Sheet Metal Made?

There are several different processes that can be used to make galvanized sheet metal. One of the most widely used is hot-dip galvanization, which involves dipping steel into molten zinc. The layer of zinc mixes with oxygen to create zinc oxide, which then reacts with carbon dioxide (CO2) to form zinc carbonate.

Another way galvanized sheet metal is produced is by passing the steel through a process called electro galvanizing. Electro galvanizing involves bonding a layer of zinc to the steel using the electroplating technique. Basically, a current of electricity is run through a zinc solution using a zinc anode and steel conductor to create the coating.

What are the Specifications of Galvanized Sheet Metal?

Galvanized steel sheet metal is available in many different sizes. The thickest galvanized steel sheet metal available is an 8 gauge, which is 0.1681 inches thick. The thinnest available is a 32 gauge, which is 0.0134 thick.

What Kind of Finishes Can You Use On Galvanized Sheet Metal?

As far as the aesthetic of galvanized sheet metal goes, there are a few finish options that you can choose from. You can get galvanized steel in its natural finish, which is a silver color.  You can also get galvanized steel in a powder-coated finish. This is a type of paint that is applied to the metal using an electrostatic process. Powder-coated finishes are very durable and resistant to chipping, fading, and scratching. As a result, you can choose from many different colors to ensure that your galvanized sheet metal matches the look you're going for.

Our Galvanized Sheet Metal Restoration Services

If you have galvanized steel sheet metal that is in need of restoration, then our team at Heather & Little can help. We specialize in the restoration of all types of metal, including galvanized steel. Our process begins with a thorough inspection of your galvanized steel. We will look for any signs of corrosion or damage. Once we have a full understanding of the condition of your metal, we will develop a restoration plan that is tailored to your needs.

Our restoration process is designed to return your galvanized steel to its original condition. For more information about what our restoration process entails. contact us at Heather & Little today.

Preservation Consulting

And if you are looking for a second opinion on your project or have a particularly complex issue that needs a fresh eye, we’re here for that too. Tackling tricky challenges is our specialty and we welcome the opportunity to provide consulting advice, with the same exacting attention to detail we bring to all our commissions.

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