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Batten Seam Vs. Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

Batten Seam Vs. Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

When installing a metal roof system on a restoration repair project, you have many options in regards to the overall design of the roofing system. What follows is a brief overview of batten seam vs. standing seam metal roof systems and how they differ in overall design. No matter what design you decide on, you will end up with a visually pleasing and structurally effective roof system, but each offers its own advantages that make them more useful in certain situations.

Standing Seams

On a standing seam metal roof system, the seams are joined where the metal roofing sheets meet, and the seam stands above the surface of the panel level. Standing seams are a generalized concept and refer to a specific type of metal roof that makes use of standing seams in its design. In fact, standing seams have a variety of different designs and can look very different from one another. This allows for variety in design and incorporation into a building’s overall design theme. You may want to consider standing seams if the property you are working on is in a rainy location or prone to moisture. Standing seams reduce the number of seams required, and therefore limit the number of access points for water and moisture to get into.

Batten Seams

In comparison, batten seams make use of an underlying framework where the metal panels are mounted between a raised batten strip and a cap is used to cover the seam. Originally, batten strips were made of wood, however more modern designs make use of all metal designs. Batten seams are commonly used in architectural designs and are highly effective in water removal due to these roofs typically having sloped or pointed designs. These roofs also offer high levels of wind resistance. With batten seams, you can easily install them on roofs that have complex or non-traditional layouts.


As noted above, each type of seam is suitable for certain situations and offer their own advantages. A standing seam metal roof system is an excellent choice if you are looking for a roof that is easily modified, has fewer seams, and a more uniform look. Batten seams are more useful when you need an underlying support structure, superior water drainage capacity, wind resistance, or need to install a roof on a building with an unusual layout which requires more modular components.

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Preservation Consulting

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