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Benefits of kalamein doors and windows

Kalamein doors and windows were originally designed to be fire-resistant. While they do not meet modern fire standards and are no longer made for this purpose, metal-clad wooden doors provide several other advantages. These include:

metal clad windows and doors at the investment building

Variety of high-quality metal types

Several different types of metal can be used to clad kalamein doors. Each one of them has a particular set of benefits.

Professional craftsmanship

Whatever materials are chosen to clad your kalamein door, it is the craftsmanship of the metal fabricators that makes all the difference. Heather and Little have been crafting kalamein doors and all kinds of other metalwork for high-profile construction projects around North America for more than 90 years. Contact us to see how our skill and experience can create doors and windows that will set your construction or restoration project apart.

Preservation Consulting

And if you are looking for a second opinion on your project or have a particularly complex issue that needs a fresh eye, we’re here for that too. Tackling tricky challenges is our specialty and we welcome the opportunity to provide consulting advice, with the same exacting attention to detail we bring to all our commissions.

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