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How Are Sheet Metal Roof Tiles Fabricated?

Decorative tile roofs are beautiful to look at and a cost-effective way to change the style of your home. The specific process used to create these unique tiles will vary based on the materials used. Keep reading to learn about the process for fabricating sheet metal tiles.

The Right Fabrication Process Has Many Benefits

Decorative sheet metal roof tiles can be produced in a number of types of metals. Copper that’s not just beautiful, but is environmentally friendly, galvanized sheet metal to obtain an older era of heritage roofing, or even a factory finished painted steel available in many colours to coincide with a property’s paint scheme.

If you have a specific style or design of stamping for a sheet metal tile, a press die can be produced to a precise and unique decorative sheet metal tile or sheet metal shingle roof.

Using The Right Materials is Essential

The quality of decorative tiles is highly dependent on the type of the materials used. For instance, copper is a popular type of sheet metal for metal roof tiles and is one with the highest lifespan, while prefinished sheet metal and galvanized have a similar lifespan, in some cases of up to fifty-years.

The Manufacturing Process

The sheet metal roof tiles move through a number of stages; once the die is produced, sheets are cut to size required for the press, from the press a lock system is hand-formed, in some cases the tile need to be trimmed, a water channel is incorporated which deflects rain water away from where the tiles are joined when installed.  The sheet metal shingles are inspected for quality color, appearance, and locking system. When they pass inspection, they’re packaged for shipping and are ready to be installed!

If you would like to learn more about the process of fabricating decorative sheet metal tiles, or in discovering the many options available please contact Heather & Little today!

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