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How to Measure the Quality of Metal Roof Shingles

Quality checking metal roof shingles allows for you to know that the metal roof shingles you have chosen are of a high quality? You don’t have to be an expert to test the quality of roof shingles before you make the choice to have them installed in your home. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when reviewing metal roofing materials.

Ask Your Roofer About Their Materials and Standards

Firstly, research the roofers and check for reviews and testimonials online. If you find that the reviews are mostly positive, then engage directly with them. Now ask them about the materials they use. Where do they source their metals from? You can research their suppliers to check on their reputation and quality as well. What standards does the manufacturer work with? There should be some objective, government-regulated standard that the manufacturer follows. 

Ask for a Sample

Get a sample of the metal shingles you have in mind and check them for a variety of factors. Bad workmanship is quite easily spotted, especially on metal work. Look at the shingle and observe the standard and overall uniformity of workmanship on it. Note how heavy and hardy it is by testing it with your hands. Also, note the design of the shingle. The shingles need to lock together to form a watertight whole. Look at how the shingle has been crafted to serve that purpose. Take a second shingle and place the two of them together to get an idea of well they will lock together.

Once the roof is installed, you can do further tests, such as spraying it with water (or waiting for the first rainfall) and seeing how well it does its job. A good roofer will always offer a warranty on their workmanship and fix any problems that arise.

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