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Sheet Metal Scrulpture & Statue Restoration

Although many traditional sculptures and statues are made out of stone, the drawback of doing so is that they not only take an incredibly long time to create, but they tend to be vulnerable to damage. It's one of the reasons why sheet metal is often the preferred material for contemporary sculptures and statues -- and why sheet metal fabrication has been used to build statues and sculptures for centuries.

Why is Sheet Metal Perfect For Building Sculptures and Statues?

First of all, sheet metal is incredibly strong and durable, meaning that a sculpture or statue built out of sheet metal will be able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions without sustaining any damage.

Secondly, sheet metal is easier to work with than stone, which means it requires less time to build a metal sculpture or statue. Sheet metal is simply more flexible to work with and can be easily cut, shaped, and welded into any desired form. Sheet metal is also much lighter in weight, which means that your sculpture or statue will be much easier to transport from one location to another.

Restoring Sheet Metal Statues and Sculptures
Although metal is very durable, sheet metal statues and sculptures can still experience damage over time as a result of accidents (such as impact damage) or corrosion. If such damage occurs, you'll want to have your statue or sculpture restored to its former glory as well as prevent the damage from growing worse.

If the damage is severe, then the restoration process may require repairing or replacing damaged parts of the statue or sculpture. Restoring and replicating sheet metal for zinc and copper statues can be challenging and requires highly experienced artisans to accomplish.

When sheet metal statues are built, a structural armature must first be produced. This armature is then covered with hand-formed metal sheets. Our artisans can replicate damaged parts of your metal sculptures or statues using this process and hammering the sheet metal into or against forms using the repose technique.

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If you have a sheet metal statue or sculpture that needs to be restored, be sure to reach out to our skilled artisans at Heather & Little. We understand how important it is to maintain the beauty and integrity of your sculptures and statues, which is why we only use the most experienced artisans to carry out our restoration work using a mix of traditional and modern metal fabrication techniques to do so. Contact us at Heather & Little to request a quote today.

Preservation Consulting

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