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What is Sheet Metal & How Many Types Are There?

When it comes to sheet metal, many often think of the metal used to create roofs or other simple metal fixtures. However, if you truly pay attention to sheet metal in the USA, you can plainly see that there is a variety of different types of sheet metal, everything from ornamental sheet metal like cupolas and balustrades for more historic buildings to doors and other components.

That’s why the team of sheet metal design, fabrication, and installation experts from Heather & Little have collected some important information for you here about precisely what sheet metal is, and the variety and styles of sheet metal on the market!

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What Exactly is Sheet Metal?

In the simplest of terms, sheet metal is one of the many shapes and forms that metal can be bought and used for in a variety of applications. Often, sheet metal is categorized based on thickness. However, the manufacturing process can be more complex than you might think, especially when considering the type of metal one is working with. Some of the most common metals used in the sheet metal formation process include aluminum, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, and more.

Copper is most commonly used as decorative sheet metal for buildings or to create ornamental designs, whereas other sheet metals, since they boast the same properties and tensile strength as the metals they’re made from, can be used for everything from roofing to machining purposes.

How is Sheet Metal Produced?

The two most common ways of producing sheet metal are hot-rolling and cold-rolling. For sheet metal being used for construction purposes, plates that need to be thinner are often hot rolled to make things more efficient. It’s important to note that cold-rolling will create sheets up to 6 mm thick and are most often used for sheet metal intended for more precise applications.

There are also a variety of shaping and forming processes that sheet metal undergoes to reach the desired shape, size, or design. These include:

How Many Types of Sheet Metal Are There?

As mentioned previously, sheet metal comes in all shapes and sizes, as well as in different metals depending upon the application where they’ll be used. Some of the most common are:

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