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Metal Roofing Pros and Cons for your Home

Choosing the best roofing solution for your home is never easy. There are many metal roofing pros and cons, so here we take a quick look at just a few of them for when opting to use metal roof shingles for your home in the USA and Canada. 

The Pros of Metal Roof Shingles 

There are lots of benefits in choosing metal roof shingles. Below, we mention a few of the pros:

There there are other advantages such as longevity, durability, safety and they are more environmentally friendly over more traditional roofing options.

The Cons of Metal Roof Shingles 

There are very few cons associated with metal roofing solutions for homes. The only possible drawback is that metal roof shingles may cost more than some other alternatives. Then there is also the noisiness factor which would have to be taken into consideration. However, when you look at how much money you will be saving on installation and energy costs, in the long run, you will come to realize that they pay for themselves very quickly indeed!

Choosing the Right Nails

The success of your installation will depend quite heavily on the type of nails that you use. You should only make use of rust-resistant nails, such as hot-dipped galvanized nails. To allow sufficient penetration into the sheathing when installing metal shingles, they should be at least 1-½ to 1-¾ of an inch in length.

Where Can I Find Sheet Metal Fabricators Near Me?

Look no further than Heather & Little Ltd. We specialize in sheet metal fabrication and metal roof shingles in the USA and Canada. We can help you choose the best material for your metal roofing shingles, whether you’re looking to match the material of your current tile or want to try something new.

For more information about metal roofing pros and cons or to apply for your roofing services contact us today!

Preservation Consulting

And if you are looking for a second opinion on your project or have a particularly complex issue that needs a fresh eye, we’re here for that too. Tackling tricky challenges is our specialty and we welcome the opportunity to provide consulting advice, with the same exacting attention to detail we bring to all our commissions.
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