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Thermal benefits of architectural features

Every element that goes into a building includes an array of architectural design features that affect the structure’s thermal resistance. Kalamein doors and windows, in addition to having an unmistakable visual style, come with a unique set of beneficial architectural features.

They include several characteristics that make them excellent for thermal insulation. Here are some of the key architectural benefits of metal cladding on doors and windows.


Metal cladding is used in a variety of applications in buildings in order to achieve a high level of thermal insulation and energy efficiency. Metal elements help to seal the building against the elements, which improves thermal performance by keeping conditions inside the building consistent even as the external conditions vary wildly. Metals have a relatively high thermal mass and are non-porous, which enables them to store heat and have a high degree of inertia in the face of changes in temperature. The design of kalamein doors adds to the insulation that other metal elements provide on other parts of the structure. A closed kalamein door, with its layers of metal cladding over a hardwood core, will help to keep the interior temperature consistent, insulating it against the weather and enabling the HVAC system to do its work with little effort. 

Energy efficiency

Considering the high thermal efficiency of metal-clad doors, it follows that they help to maximize energy efficiency in a building. Since they insulate the interior space against temperature fluctuation, they enable HVAC systems to work efficiently and thus reduce the demands they make on the building’s electrical supply. In this way, they help to reduce the running costs of building, as well as lowering the structure’s impact on the environment. 


One of the most significant benefits of kalamein doors is that they last for decades. The strength and reinforcement they add to wooden doors (which are already relatively long-lived) means that they can serve for many years without needing major repairs or replacement. This makes them extremely cost-effective architectural features that reduce the maintenance costs of a building.

Heather & Little specializes in creating metal architectural features that are both beautiful and practical. We work alongside your builder or contractor to create design elements that will enhance the appearance of your buildings, as well as making them more efficient in all respects. Contact us today to find out how we can provide kalamein doors and windows, as well as other architectural features that will deliver all the thermal benefits you require for your construction project.

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