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What Is Metal Fabrication? - Heather & Little

Here at Heather & Little Ltd., we specialize in sheet metal fabrication in the USA and Canada. But, what is metal fabrication, exactly? Ultimately, metal fabrication refers to the process of building things using raw metal materials. The metal fabrication process often includes cutting, burning, welding, machining, forming, and assembly, eventually resulting in a finished product as per client specifications. 

What Is Metal Fabrication Used For? 

There is an endless list of possibilities when it comes to metal fabrication in various industries. However, here at Heather & Little Ltd., we focus our attention on sheet metal fabrication in an effort to restore and create statues, cupolas, steeples, domes, cornice reproductions, and many custom projects. Furthermore, we are one of the sheet metal fabrication companies best known for ornamental and precision sheet metal fabrication. 

There is no denying the fact that architectural sheet metal designs have been the ideal decor choice for historic property owners, building managers, architects, and more for centuries. Look around and you will notice sheet metal fabrications on many of the nation’s most important properties, from government offices, courthouses, ivy-league universities, national libraries, and more. The unfortunate reality, however, is that ornaments age. As such, restoration and general repairs are necessary for their upkeep. In certain cases, older sheet metal designs will need to be replaced entirely. Luckily, our team is always up to the challenge. 

Why Heather & Little Ltd. for Sheet Metal Fabrication? 

Our team combines traditional and innovative equipment and techniques to ensure that we always remain at the forefront of sheet metal fabrication. Specific project in mind? We welcome your unique concepts and designs for decorative metal ornamentation, statuary, and more! Our craftsmen would be thrilled to work with you to transform your idea into reality.

For more information about our precision sheet metal fabrication in Canada and the USA, please do not hesitate to get in touch

Preservation Consulting

And if you are looking for a second opinion on your project or have a particularly complex issue that needs a fresh eye, we’re here for that too. Tackling tricky challenges is our specialty and we welcome the opportunity to provide consulting advice, with the same exacting attention to detail we bring to all our commissions.
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