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The Advantages of Sheet Metal Shingles

The advantages of sheet metal shingles is what has allowed for it to become a favourite amongst homeowners as well as to why they are the ideal design choice for you.

Roofing material makes a big difference to the overall appearance and durability of your home, hence the reason why so many homeowners in the USA and Canada are opting for sheet metal shingles as opposed to asphalt or wooden shingles when it comes to covering their sloping roofs. While there are certainly many different types of roof shingles to choose from, sheet metal shingles offer the most obvious benefits. Here are 3 reasons why sheet metal shingles are an ideal design choice for any and every home.

Sheet Metal Shingles Are Flexible 

Sheet metal shingles allow for ease of installation because they are a lot more flexible than many other types of roof shingles. They can be used to cover the roofs of many different shapes, no matter how complex. 

Sheet Metal Shingles Make Flashing a Breeze 

Flashing a roof penetration such as a skylight or a chimney is really simple thanks to the low panel profile of sheet metal shingles. This profile means metal shingles flashing is effortless to fabricate and install.  

Sheet Metal Shingles Look Stunning 

Most people will agree that the overall aesthetic that sheet metal shingles help to create is impressive and eye-catching. Those who are looking to embrace a more colourful appearance will be pleased to discover that metal roof shingles are available in many unique styles and colours. You can also play around with the aesthetic by choosing between interlocking sheet metal shingles and overlapping tiles.

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