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Notre-Dame Cathedral, Ottawa,ON

The historic Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of the nation’s most well-known churches, with plans for the building dating back to the 1830’s. The Cathedral was built slowly to accommodate the different demands of multiple priests; this includes changing the original design to match a Gothic Revival style, adding steeples over 10 years after the design change, and years of additional interior decorating. The cathedral’s rich history and unique design granted the property to be designated as a National Historical Site in 1990.

When the steeples of Notre-Dame Cathedral required replacement, there was an extensive amount of ornamental sheet metal work that needed to be performed. Heather & Little was proud to work with along Xavier Rankin Consulting to complete this historic ornamental sheet metal steeple replacement on this piece of historic monument.

Historic Sheet Metal Reproductions on the Notre-Dame Cathedral

The historic restoration that took place on the Notre-Dame Cathedral required a significant amount of detailed ornamental sheet metal work. Due to its Gothic Revival style, large twin steeples, and architectural sheet metal components, this was one of the largest decorative sheet metal reproduction projects we have been a part.

For the twin steeples, our team of artisans were assigned the task of using a unconventional type of sheet metal for reproducing the decorative sheet metal work called EZ-Form stainless steel for all of the pressed sheet metal ornaments, flat seam sheet metal panels. Stainless steel sheet metal ornaments adorned the steeples.

Heather & Little received a Roofing Canada Award from the Canadian Roofing Contractors Association for “outstanding workmanship, innovative solutions, and significant contribution to the community and to the industry” on his historic roofing project.

For more information on this historic sheet metal restoration for this twin steeples project, view the images below or get in touch with a team member at Heather & Little today.

Preservation Consulting

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