Residential Cedar Roofing Repair & Installation

Heather & Little offers a variety of cedar roofing and cedar roofing repair options for all residential properties. If you’re property currently features a cedar roofing system and requires repairs to maintain its condition, or if you are in the process of building a new property and are curious about cedar roof installation, our team of roofing professionals can assist you in understanding your roofing options.

Cedar Roof Installation

Our cedar roof installation options allow you to choose between cedar shingle and cedar shake styles for your property. Cedar shingles are precisely cut on both edges, giving the shingle itself and the roof a clean and modern look. Cedar shakes are irregularly shaped compared to shingles, providing a more rustic appearance. Typically, they are split from a piece of wood instead of accurately sawed to give a rougher appearance on the edges. The choice between shakes and shingles will depend on the look you are trying to achieve with your cedar re-roofing or new installation project.

Cedar Roof Repairs

If you require cedar roof repair, there are number of factors for you to consider with the help of a Heather & Little professional. If your current cedar roofing shingles or shakes are curling or cracking and falling off, these will need to be fully replaced. Given that cedar will slightly fade in colour after years of use, you may find that new and aged shingles and shakes are coloured differently. In these situations and of course depending on the amount of repairs required you may want to consider a full cedar roof replacement rather than repair of just the damaged tile to maintain a consistent look and quality across all roofing materials.

For more information about our residential cedar roofing installation or repair options, contact a member of the Heather & Little team today!

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cedar roofing bowmanville
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N1Bowmanville, Ontario

Century farmhouse renewed cedar roofing treated with a wood preservative to appear like it has been painted. Traditional Lead-coated standing seam copper roofing, and 6-pound lead flashing completed the job.

N2Castle Frank, Toronto

Toronto cedar roofing complemented with new lead coated copper hip caps and copper valleys.

N3Scadding Cabin

Toronto's oldest known surviving house was constructed in 1794. We added a new cedar roofing system, masonry repairs were performed, and copper flashing.