Cedar Shingles & Shakes Roofing

Heather & Little has been the premiere choice for all cedar roofing needs for over 90 years, from new installations to repairs and replacements. Cedar roof shingles were the preferred choice for all roofing needs long before modern roofing options became available. Many historic buildings and mature government properties have made use of cedar shake roof and shingle options, and continue to reinstall them when replacement or repair is required. Cedar shakes and shingles offer a beautiful and traditional design opportunity for those looking to restore a building back to its former glory, or make use of a biodegradable and earth friendly option on a new property.

Why Cedar Roof Shingles and Cedar Shake Roofs?

Whether a new or centuries old property, many buildings can benefit from the beauty of cedar roofing shingles or shakes. Cedar is a naturally durable and accessible wood that has been used as a roofing material long before synthetic materials. Cedar shingles and shakes are naturally insect and UV resistant, and can easily stand up to harsh winds and weather. Cedar shakes and shingles are also treated to limit water absorption, protecting this roofing material from heavy rain or snowfall. When properly maintained, cedar shingles can last up to 40 years without repair, far longer than any synthetic counterpart.

The Heather & Little Difference

If you’re looking to have cedar roofing replaced or repaired on your upcoming roofing project, look no further than Heather & Little roofing. Our team of outstanding professional roofers will work with you to construct the optimal cedar shake roof for your property.

For the best cedar roof shingles and shakes in the industry, contact us and get your estimate today. To learn more about our previous cedar roofing projects, browse our gallery of images below, which are as just a small sample of the high quality cedar roofing projects our team has completed.

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cedar roofing spadina house workshop
cedar roof north huron town hall
cedar roof flashing detail


N1Spadina House Stables, Toronto

Spadina House is a historic manor, operated by the City of Toronto as a museum. In the 19th century many homes had a stable. Western Red cedar shingles were used to replace the existing cedar roof which had become deteriorated over time.


N2Rosedale Golf Club

When a new clubhouse was designed for this prestigious golf course, the discerning designers chose to preserve a historic feel with a classic cedar roof. This project involved the use of cedar roof shingles, cedar shingle wall cladding, lead coated copper dormer roofs as well as lead coated copper flashing


N3Scadding Cabin

Toronto's oldest home was built in 1794 and then re-located on the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) grounds in 1879, Cedar shingles replaced the existing roof along with new copper flashings and a lead-coated copper custom-made eavestrough and downpipes.