Heather & Little at American Institute of Architects Conference, NY

 AIA Conference

From Thursday, June 21 to the following Monday, representatives of Heather & Little will be in New York to attend the 2018 American Institute of Architects Conference (AIA).  At the conference, Heather & Little is to be awarded a 2018 North American Copper in Architecture Award for our restoration work on the West Block of the Canadian Parliament buildings.  We are also eligible to receive a “People’s Choice Award” for our work on the West Block.  Voting does not conclude until June 20th,  and the winner will be announced at the conference, so be sure to vote.

West Block Project

The West Block project involved replacement and restoration of the formerly green-patinaed standing seam copper roof; replaced with a new shiny copper roof to match the historic roof.  As the new roof begins to oxidize and dull, H & L’s new copper roof will become more and more a part of the beautiful landscape of historic federal buildings in Ottawa and a part of the identity of the iconic Canadian federal buildings.


If you are interested in our work on the West Block or would like to vote for H & L for the “People’s Choice” award, please use the link provided

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