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Why Hire Custom Metal Stamping Services

Are you engaged in a construction or building renovation project that calls for custom metal work? Are you unable to find off-the-shelf parts or pieces that meet your needs? Do you have equipment in need of repair, but the original manufacturer is no longer in business to create the required parts? Then most of the time, that means hiring custom metal stamping services to provide the pieces you need.

Heather & Little have nearly a century of experience creating custom metal work for construction and restoration, including extensive metal stamping facilities. We can help you overcome difficult fabrication challenges.

When Catalogs Won't Cut It: The Benefits of Custom Metal Stamping

Products ordered from catalogs, or purchased off the shelf, often aren't suitable for specific projects and needs. They are fine for standard fittings and fixtures, but if you're trying to match the look of an 18th-century historic building, you won't find parts in a catalog.

In addition, catalog pieces are typically only made from a handful of common metals, such as aluminum, copper, or stainless steel. Sometimes the typical metals just aren't right for a project, and more exotic materials such as tantalum or titanium may be called for. Only experienced custom metal fabrication services are going to have access to less common metals andhave suppliers capable of delivering high-quality raw materials.

Working with custom metal stamping services also brings other major benefits as well.

1 - Complete control over design

A great custom metal shop will always keep you in the loop, and ensure you're fully consulted on every aspect of the piece or part being created. You'll be able to work with 3D CAD design files, or even handle 3D-printed prototypes, so that you can be certain the work being created is exactly what you need. Or, of course, your fabricator can work off your own 3D files, if you have them.

2 - Custom work brings reliability

Mass-manufactured metal work will always have a certain fail rate, and pieces that slipped past QC. That's not an issue when your pieces are being custom-fabricated. Each one is "hand made," and carefully checked for defects or issues before being delivered. This brings you an increased level of reliability that you can't get from off-the-shelf parts.

Likewise, because custom metal stamping services have access to top-grade suppliers, you can trust in the durability of the final product. This is another situation where more exotic materials like titanium can be valuable when you need a piece that must stand up to heavy usage or be extra reinforced for safety.

3 - Enhanced customization options

Has your design changed, and a screw hole needs to be relocated? Custom requests like this are impossible with stock parts, but relatively easy when you're working with a custom metal stamping shop. Designs can be tweaked and changed at any point in the process, to best fit your own needs.

This also extends to finishing. Do you need high-end options such as electro-plating? All this can be arranged with an experienced metal fabrication shop. 

4 - Own your designs

In situations where you're producing unique parts or pieces, you can retain full ownership and control of the final design. Your custom work can be truly unique and custom to your construction project, or other job, with no risk that the dies and stamps will be reused for other clients. Be sure to discuss this aspect with your metal fabricator before committing.

Why Choose Heather & Little

There are numerous metal fabrication shops in North America. Why do the top builders and contractors turn to Heather & Little for their metal stamping work?

1 - Unparalleled experience

We were first established in 1925, so we are coming close to a full century of providing the best in metal fabrication services across North America. Our workforce isn’t simply hired workers, they're proud to work for one of the top metal fabrication services and bring their own extensive experience to every piece they create.

2 - Trusted for even historical buildings

We're one of the few metal fabrication shops in North America that are regularly called in to assist in the restoration of historic properties and beloved landmarks. We have an unparalleled eye for recreating the look and feel of older buildings while ensuring our work is still fully acceptable under modern city codes and regulations.

Just take a look at our portfolio to see the wide range of properties we've been trusted to help renovate. We'll put every bit as much care and attention into your own project.

3 - A customer-focused workflow

Because we do work on so many critical projects, we place a premium on customer communication and involvement. We will make sure you're involved every step of the way and given every possible opportunity to see our work in progress. If you need extra customization or changes to the design, we will accommodate you. Our job is to see your project realized exactly as you want it!

4 - The best in parts and materials

Our long history brings one more benefit: Contacts and volume-ordering from the best metal suppliers available. You can trust that we are always working with top-grade materials, and ensuring our work will stand the test of time.

When you need world-class custom metal stamping and fabrication services for construction, renovation, or restoration, you need to call Heather & Little. Our experience and reputation cannot be beaten, and we are here to assist on any project, large or small.

Contact us to begin your initial consultation.

Preservation Consulting

And if you are looking for a second opinion on your project or have a particularly complex issue that needs a fresh eye, we’re here for that too. Tackling tricky challenges is our specialty and we welcome the opportunity to provide consulting advice, with the same exacting attention to detail we bring to all our commissions.
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