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Why Metal Roofing and Metal Shingles Are Growing in Popularity?

Metal roofing of all kinds as well as metal shingles, in particular, are becoming a more popular choice among builders, architects, and homeowners. What is it that attracts people to metals as a primary choice for roofing, as opposed to other materials? Here are five reasons why metal roofs are growing in popularity.

1. Metal roofing is durable

Metal roofs simply have more longevity than shingles, tiles, asphalt, and other materials. For example, asphalt roofs last for around 12 to 25 years before needing major repair or replacement. Metals roofs, on the other hand, can function well for 60 years or more. A metal roof is an investment that often continues paying off beyond one’s lifetime.

2. Metal Roofing Stands up to All Weather Conditions

Metal roofs are better at withstanding heavy rain, hurricanes, hailstorms, flying debris or high winds. They are also fire retardant, which makes them an excellent choice in areas that are prone to wildfires.

3. Metal Roofs Suit All Building Types

With many different metals to choose from, as well as high levels of flexibility and artisanal skill involved with the production of metal roofs, they can be fashioned and customized to suit any building. Wherever your neighborhood may be and whatever architectural style you choose, a beautiful metal roof can be made to suit you.

4. Metal Is a Cost-Effective Roofing Material

When you make the investment in a metal roof, you will get several economic benefits. Because of the material’s longevity, your initial cost will pay off in your roof’s extended longevity. Your maintenance costs are reduced because your metal roof is so hardy. In addition, these roofs are also very effective at reflecting ultraviolet radiation, which means that they can also reduce your energy costs. 

5. Metal Roofing Is Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofs eliminate the need to dispose of old roofing, meaning less waste going into landfills. They have low embodied energy and almost no out-gassing, which makes them sustainable and energy-saving, perfect for both residential and commercial buildings.

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