Metal Roof Tiles & Metal Roof Shingles

Heather & Little is proud to offer our clients the highest-quality metal roof tiles and shingles in the industry. With the ability to customize almost every aspect of your metal roof shingle design, you’ll be able to outfit your property with the perfect roofing option. Metal roof shingles and tiles have been the preferred choice of roofing material for hundreds of years, with many heritage properties and government buildings featuring these metal designs. Whether you want a roofing shingle that will match the historical design of your building, or are looking for new options for your property, our team members will help you achieve the look you want.

Sheet Metal Roof Tiles Options

Here at Heather & Little, our skilled craftsmen are able to forge metal roofing tiles and shingles from a variety of different metal types. This includes materials like: copper, zinc, stainless steel, galvanized steel, lead coated copper and more. Depending on your roofing needs, our team will help you narrow down your choices and choose the right material for your project.

Many original metal tiles were hand stamped by artisans to match the unique design of the house, a characteristic of heritage properties that is still ideal today. Should you want to replicate the design featured on the original tiles, or are looking to create a new pattern for your tiles, our metalworkers are able to implement any type of customization you wish.

Heather & Little has been setting the industry standard for sheet metal roof tiles and shingles for well over 90 years, and continues to make advancements in metal roof shingles and tiles. When you need new, refurbished or reproduced metal roof shingles, contact us at Heather & Little and get started on your new roof today!

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