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Control Commercial Energy Costs with Metal Roof Tiles and Shingles

Roofing metal costs a bit more than asphalt, SPF, TPO, and other commercial roofing materials. However, a commercial metal roof can last between 40 to 70 years when properly maintained, and it has additional qualities that help keep energy costs down.

Metal roof shingles provide solid value to your commercial customers. There are three properties that are important in choosing commercial roofing materials:

Metal shingles have high reflectivity and emittance, meaning they release more heat back into the atmosphere and reflect sunlight to prevent thermal transference. Additionally, metal tiles maintain their reflectivity over time. 

Pro tip: To ensure long-term high emittance, paint roofs a light colour.


Benefits of a Metal Roof for Businesses

Your clients can benefit from low maintenance costs, energy efficiency, and safety features that come along with metal shingles. Because metal shingles come in various textures, shapes, and sizes, they also offer greater flexibility, and business owners can choose to install them on roofs of all shapes and sizes.


Energy Efficiency and Structural Integrity for the Long Run

While energy efficiency is a big deal when it comes to controlling costs, it doesn't do much good if you have to replace the roof again in 10 years. 

Here are beneficial qualities that make metal shingles a sound and valuable long-term investment:

Due to its reflectivity, metal roofing reduces the load on your AC system for lower energy bills during the summer. This can help you quickly recover the cost of installation. Plus, commercial customers can include sustainable roofing systems in their brand messaging to show that they care about the environment’s future. 


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Preservation Consulting

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