Residential Slate Roofing Repair & Installation

At Heather & Little we have the skills and knowledge you need when considering a new slate roof, or are in need of slate roof repair. This roofing material has been long considered an excellent choice for residential roofs, known for its long life span, durability, and fire and mold resistance. If you need a new slate roof installation for your residential property, it’s important that you choose the best team of artisans available. The Heather & Little team is here to assist you in choosing the ideal slate roofing system for your new property or historic home.

High Quality New Slate Roofing Installation

Slate roofing has been the traditional choice for hundreds of years, and we can still see many examples of beautiful slate roofs on today’s historical and heritage properties. When building a new home, many designers, contractors and home owners also choose to incorporate a new slate roof that reflects this traditional style. No matter the age of your home, this roofing material will withstand the harshest conditions and environments without showing signs of damage.

Installation of these stone titles requires a team of highly skilled professionals, as they are heavier and more complex to install than other materials. Without the proper care and attention of a trained installer, slate roofs can cause damage to your home due to their weight. Proper installation is absolutely essential to the longevity of your slate roofing system.

If your residential property currently has a slate roof and is in need of repair or restoration, a professional inspection will allow you to assess the current state of the roof and decide on if an entire replacement is necessary. Here at Heather & Little, we have assisted home owners like you with their new slate roof installations, slate roof repairs and replacements for more than 90 years. You can trust our craftsmen to restore the beauty of your existing slate roof, or install a completely new system that adds value to your home for years to come.

Reach out to a member of the Heather & Little team today for a consultation on your slate roofing project.

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N1Annunciation, Ottawa

After having provided decades of protection to the building natural slate roofing was the obvious choice to re-roof this stately manor. Lead coated copper valleys and flashing were used.

N2Slate and Copper Work Lowther, Toronto

A privately owned residence now, a total restoration of the building was undertaken by the owner part of which involved replacing the existing asphalt shingle roof with slate roofing as it was originally.
The house was designed by Frederick Henry Herbert (1865-1914), an English architect who practiced in Toronto in the late 1800’s. His numerous residential projects, located in the Annex and Rosedale, are listed as heritage properties.

N3Russel Hill, Toronto

The owners of this newly constructed residence in the Toronto Rosedale area chose multicoloured non fading slate roofing to add to the elegance of their new home. In addition to the slate roofing; copper valleys, eaves troughs, and ridge caps were installed along with lead coated copper coping. As an added touch 6-lb pound sheet lead was used to cover the masonry caps on the chimneys.