Kalamein design options

MARC JAMIESON On May 1, 2021 / , , ,
Most often, when people ask for kalamein doors, they generally mean straightforward, solid wooden cores clad in steel for use in industrial settings. However, as Heather and Little’s portfolio of completed projects shows, the design options for kalamein doors and windows are far more wide-ranging than that. Materials can include all kinds of hardwood and […]
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Benefits of kalamein doors and windows

MARC JAMIESON On April 30, 2021 / , , , ,
Kalamein doors and windows were originally designed to be fire-resistant. While they do not meet modern fire standards and are no longer made for this purpose, metal-clad wooden doors provide several other advantages. These include:
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Customize your entrance door with a family or business crest

MARC JAMIESON On April 10, 2021 / , ,
Aside from adding a shiny new entrance door to a home or business, you could go several steps further and make an even bolder statement by adding your family or business crest. Skilled stamped sheet metal workers can create your crest in copper, bronze, zinc, lead-coated copper, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. You can […]
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How and why kalamein doors were developed

MARC JAMIESON On April 1, 2021 / , , , ,
Kalamein doors have been popular across all areas of construction since they were first introduced in the 1920s. What makes these metal-clad doors so in-demand, and how did this unique style of door fabrication start in the first place? The practice of cladding wooden windows and door frames in zinc or steel first began in […]
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How to Measure the Quality of Metal Roof Shingles

MARC JAMIESON On April 15, 2020 / , ,
Quality checking metal roof shingles allows for you to know that the metal roof shingles you have chosen are of a high quality? You don’t have to be an expert to test the quality of roof shingles before you make the choice to have them installed in your home. Here are a couple of things […]
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Why Metal Roofing and Metal Shingles Are Growing in Popularity?

MARC JAMIESON On April 8, 2020 / ,
Metal roofing of all kinds as well as metal shingles, in particular, are becoming a more popular choice among builders, architects, and homeowners. What is it that attracts people to metals as a primary choice for roofing, as opposed to other materials? Here are five reasons why metal roofs are growing in popularity. 1. Metal […]
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How to Find Metal Fabrication Companies for Custom Hotel Projects

MARC JAMIESON On March 11, 2020 / ,
You need to be very selective when choosing a metal fabrication company for a custom architectural project, such as a hotel, for example. Metal fabrication is a craft carried out by seasoned artisans with extensive knowledge and experience of the technical and creative processes involved. So, how do you decide which metal fabrication company is […]
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Classic Architectural Styles with Sheet Metal Fabrication

MARC JAMIESON On March 4, 2020 / , ,
Sheet metal fabrication is an important part of many architectural approaches. We, at Heather & Little Ltd., have been supplying quality architectural sheet metal to the construction industry ever since our founding in 1925. Sheet metal plays an important role in several styles and types of building projects. The architectural sheet metal components we supply […]
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How to Find Historic Building Restoration Contractors

MARC JAMIESON On February 17, 2020 / ,
Are you in search of historic building restoration contractors to assist you with a future project? If so, you will obviously be in search of contractors who you know will have that delicate touch necessary to handle the historical building with care and precision. You may be wondering where to find such adept contractors specializing […]
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What Is Metal Fabrication?

MARC JAMIESON On February 10, 2020 / ,
Heather & Little Ltd. has not only been a leader in the metal fabrication industry, but also in the supply of ornamental sheet metal reproductions for the building restoration industry in both Canada and the USA for 95 years. But, what is metal fabrication? And what type of custom metal fabrication do we specialize in? […]
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