The Architectural Uses and Advantages of Ornamental Sheet Metal

MARC JAMIESON On November 15, 2021 / ,
An Overview of Sheet Metal for Architectural Purposes  As architects carefully draw up their visions of new buildings and restoration projects, intentional details can make significant visual impacts in terms of overall aesthetic appeal. You can invoke a timeless, intriguing look with decorative sheet metal. Ornamental sheet metal can be employed in many different ways […]
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Why Choose Metal Tiles and Shingles for Commercial Buildings?

MARC JAMIESON On October 30, 2021 / , ,
Owning or managing a commercial property involves making decisions that need to please a lot of people. If your apartment building, facility, or retail property needs a new roof, you may wonder whether metal roof shingles would improve the longevity and curb appeal of your property.  With the latest advancements, you can choose metal roofing […]
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Update Your Home's Roof with Metal Roof Tiles and Shingles

MARC JAMIESON On October 20, 2021 / , ,
Are you shopping for a roof on your new home, or does your current home need a new roof due to wear and tear? There are many roofing materials to choose from. However, if you want one that is energy-efficient, affordable, durable, and requires little maintenance, consider a metal shingle roof. Options include various metals, […]
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Role of Metal Roof Tiles and Shingles in Historic Building Preservation

MARC JAMIESON On October 10, 2021 / , ,
As an architect, you want to preserve the beauty and character of your historic building. At first, metal roofs may seem like a stretch for pre-modern buildings. However, there is a historical precedent for metal roofing dating back to the 1800s. Additionally, you can now purchase metal roofing that looks like shingles.  Metal shingles and […]
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Why Do Architects and Contractors Recommend Metal Roofing Systems?

MARC JAMIESON On September 30, 2021 / , ,
Once upon a time, metal roofing systems could only be seen on industrial, agricultural, or commercial buildings. Now, metal roofs are found on stately houses in cities and suburbs, not just on barn roofs. Metal roof tiles have become popular for their sustainability, easy installation, low maintenance, and unique appeal. So, architects and developers often […]
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Control Commercial Energy Costs with Metal Roof Tiles and Shingles

MARC JAMIESON On September 20, 2021 / , ,
Roofing metal costs a bit more than asphalt, SPF, TPO, and other commercial roofing materials. However, a commercial metal roof can last between 40 to 70 years when properly maintained, and it has additional qualities that help keep energy costs down. Metal roof shingles provide solid value to your commercial customers. There are three properties […]
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Restoring a Heritage Home? Consider Metal Roof Tiles and Shingles

MARC JAMIESON On September 10, 2021 / , ,
As an architect, you focus on both the overall design of a building and individual components. Every beam and embellishment has its purpose. Metal roofing provides the perfect balance of beauty, practicality, and longevity when it comes to roofing. There's also a historical aspect to metal tiles. So, why not consider metal roof shingles to […]
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The Expert’s Guide to Metal Roof Tiles and Shingles

MARC JAMIESON On August 15, 2021 / , ,
Designers, architects or homeowners looking for a new roof must consider several aspects before deciding on the ideal roofing solutions. While a new roof can improve the property’s value, appeal, and functionality, it could also impact the structural integrity of the building. No matter what material you choose, any roof repair, replacement or upgrade involves […]
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Different types of kalamein doors

MARC JAMIESON On May 30, 2021 / , , ,
The versatility of kalamein door fabrication means that there are very few limits to the types of designs that can be created. These doors can be decorative and ornate or simple and functional. 
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Thermal benefits of architectural features

MARC JAMIESON On May 10, 2021 / , , ,
Every element that goes into a building includes an array of architectural design features that affect the structure’s thermal resistance. Kalamein doors and windows, in addition to having an unmistakable visual style, come with a unique set of beneficial architectural features.
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